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Debt Collection






When you retain our services, you are contracting for our time, experience and professional expertise.

Our general policy is to charge for the time that was spent providing you with the legal services you require.

Before starting your case, different calculation methods can be agreed upon with our office:

  • Hourly rate

  • Fixed fee

  • Collection fee

When you choose the hourly rate, we will bill you an amount of 125,- EUR per hour that is spent for your case.

Nevertheless, in some cases, it can be necessary to agree upon:

  • a reduced rate when dealing with a relatively small matter.

  • a raised rate when facing a very important case, or extremely urgent matter.

The fixed fee is less usual for legal action, but it can useful be for cost control in a number of clearly defined tasks.

Finally, we can agree upon a collection fee which will be calculated on a contracted percentage of the collected amounts.