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Debt Collection





Imagine one of your Belgian clients does not pay your invoices and comes up with all kinds of lame excuses for not paying.

If you send us copies of the invoices, we can immediately send a Letter Before Action to the debtor.

Our Letters Before Action are very cost-effective and the success rate is high.

In many cases payment can be obtained without further legal action being taken.

When the debtor refuses to pay proceedings can be started before a Belgian Court.

Proceedings are started by summons notified to the debtor by a bailiff.

The costs of summons are approx. 250,- EUR. These costs have to be paid by the client but have to be reimbursed by the debtor.

On the other hand the debtor will also be convicted to pay interests and an indemnification. 

When we are issuing Court proceedings full information is required about the status of the defendant, as well as a breakdown of the debt, including the invoice dates and numbers.

When a judgement is obtained in your clientsí favour, the debtor is obliged to pay. If the debt is still not settled there are a number of possible enforcement procedures including:

        Execution of the judgment by a local bailiff

        Attachment of Earnings (or bank accounts)

        Garnishee Order

        Charging Order Over Property (real estate)

The costs of such measures have to be reimbursed by the debtor;

In appropriate cases, we may advise that bankruptcy proceedings are the most appropriate method of recovering the debt.